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JavaScript is a prototype-oriented scripting programming language. Usually used as an embedded language for programmatic access to application objects. The most widely used in browsers as a scripting language to make interactivity to web pages.
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PHP is a general purpose scripting language intensively used for developing web applications. Currently supported by the overwhelming majority of hosting providers and is one of the leaders among programming languages ​​used to create dynamic websites.
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HTML (from the English. HyperText Markup Language - “Hypertext Markup Language”) is a standard markup language for documents on the World Wide Web. Most web pages contain HTML (or XHTML) markup. HTML language is interpreted by browsers and displayed as a document in a human-friendly form.
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CSS (English Cascading Style Sheets - Cascading Style Sheets) is a formal language for describing the appearance of a document written using a markup language.
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All the charm of jQuery’s unique JavaScript library, which focuses on the interaction of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and easy and easy manipulation of DOM elements
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Web design, page layout, client-server and server-side web programming, and web server configuration.
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WordPress is an open source content management system distributed under the GNU GPLv2. Written in PHP, uses MySQL as a database. Scope of application - from blogs to fairly complex news resources and online stores. The built-in system of "themes" and "plug-ins" along with a successful architecture allows you to design almost any projects.
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Unix-like operating systems based on the same kernel. The Linux kernel is created and distributed in accordance with the development model of free and open source software, so the common name does not imply any single “official” bundling of Linux; they are distributed mostly free of charge in the form of various ready-made distributions having their own set of application programs and already customized for the specific needs of the user. Used on a wide variety of equipment from supercomputers, to phones and robots
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Materials on the wonderful programming language Python.
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Everything related to the MySQL DBMS. Server tuning and administration, optimization, practice of use.
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Android is an operating system for smartphones, Internet tablets, e-books, digital players, watches, game consoles, netbooks, smartbooks, Google glasses, TVs and other devices. In the future, it is planned to support cars and household robots. Based on the Linux kernel and Google’s own Java Virtual Machine implementation. Originally developed by Android, Inc., which Google then bought. Subsequently, Google initiated the creation of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), which is now engaged in supporting and further developing the platform. Android allows you to create Java applications that control the device through Google-developed libraries. The Android Native Development Kit allows you to port libraries and application components written in C and other languages.
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Microsoft Windows is a family of proprietary Microsoft operating systems that are focused on graphical user interface management.
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Java (not to be confused with JavaScript) is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java applications are usually translated into special byte-code, so they can work on any computer architecture using a Java virtual machine. Date of official release - May 23, 1995.
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Programming is the process of creating computer programs.
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C # is an object-oriented programming language. Developed in 1998-2001 by a group of engineers under the leadership of Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft as the language of application development for the Microsoft .NET Framework. The main programming language for the Microsoft .NET and Mono platforms.
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The tag is dedicated to the PHP framework Yii. Here are collected all the questions in one way or another connected with it.
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Node.js is a software platform based on the V8 engine (translating JavaScript into machine code), which turns JavaScript from a highly specialized language into a general-purpose language. Node.js adds the ability of JavaScript to interact with I / O devices through its API (written in C ++), to connect other external libraries written in different languages, providing calls to them from JavaScript code.
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Everything about C ++
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