Greetings, colleagues

I have not dealt with Microsoft products for a long time...
There is a shindovs server 19 with AD, 10 cars bus 10

I add the user to the group, for example, myself for the test, I make a policy for this group
running'gpupdate/force','gpresult -r'

the policy has applied(or rather, no), writes the access denial, well, it’s clear, I’m still not added to the group
to hell with it, I reboot the computer, but no, it’s still not added to the group...Automatically pulls up in half an hour or an hour somewhere

Sobsna question: how can I quickly push a user into a group, or rather make the account understand that she is now in another group?

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TGT ticket cache needs to be reset.It is not updated instantly.
Using the klist purge