There is a problem - in fairly complex projects rendering in viewports is slow, editing projects becomes a pain - any movement in the frame and the redrawing of objects in the frame begins.
The situation is complicated by the fact that there is a lot of vegetation in the scene, consisting of rather small objects.

3Ds Max 9
Core i7-3770k Processor
RAM 8 gig, does not reach the swap, enough.
Integrated Video Card

So far, I’m mentally prepared to spend about 10k rubles to speed up the viewport.What will help more?
Is it really possible to accelerate programmatically?
I suspect the video card will be useful, but which one?

The speed of rendering satisfies me.Google didn’t ban, but by its requests it gives mainly data from 2012 or about rendering acceleration, which I like so much.

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video card, no more.what? the most powerful.
if it’s a really big project, theoretically, the quad should help, as they say, it is designed to work with scenes with a lot of polygons.Like reality xs, maybe it’s not too new.But it obviously falls out of the budget.There are simply no performance tests for Estimates of the speed of the video card in the viewport(well, as far as I know).And the render is the same, if the processor does not have another engine installed.
and programmers AutoDeckers should do this, but they do not care about you, so suffer maxovody =)
    Such a quadra fits into the budget, but what can it really give?
    – Hitler's74 Aug 22 '19 at 17:39
  • [[remzalp]], I can’t guarantee that a quadra will help.Moreover, buying a new one is crazy.I honestly don’t know their characteristics in work, there are ancient decades at work and obviously can’t serve as an example.This is too specific a product.I’ll even say more, the price of quadra is more important than support when a person comes with a suitcase and replaces you without question, but it doesn’t work for us =)
    I think that Yegor knows what he’s saying, take the game and update max(although he won’t get better ^ _ ^ from this).
    – Determined Dolphin Aug 22 '19 at 21:12
  • [[remzalp]], and what do you have now? the processor definitely does not rest, as with the load on the rendering? – Determined Dolphin Aug 22 '19 at 21:13
Programmatically possible to get started.
In max, starting in 2012, it seems that we changed the viewport driver to Nitrous, which works much faster.Then buy a game card and not regret the amount of video memory.I don’t buy a quad, I’ve been working in max for centuries, I know.