I’m developing games for unity(I don’t have anything public).Previously, as in other things, I downloaded textures from the Internet now.And now I want to learn how to draw them myself.Please advise normal programs for drawing textures.I’m interested in mainly sci fi themes.

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Any full-featured graphic editor.Although Photoshop, even GIMP.If, at the same time, you do not know how to use them, there will be no sense in it.And if you learn, you can draw anything.
  • Not that time already for completely handmade... – Concerned44 Aug 20 '19 at 00:18
  • [[xmoonlight]], this is empty demagogy.Any fully-functional editor has the means to generate some textures that are manually combined to obtain the desired result.This statement has been valid for more than twenty years.Also, to generate textures in three-dimensional editors, you must be able to draw at least , basic elements for them.This is also done for twenty years.So, although the tool is being improved, nothing fundamentally new has appeared, just like writing purely software shaders. – Tender Tortoise Aug 20 '19 at 00:54
  • [[Moskus]], This was already clear from the beginning.
    It was about the rational distribution of generation time using scripting.
    – Concerned44 Aug 20 '19 at 01:17
1.Neo Textures(free)
3.Substance Designer(by Adobe)
4.Quixel Mixer(video)