There is a 3d model rendered in jpeg of A4 size 300dpi(to print later).
I don’t understand how to adjust the scale so that one standard model unit("Generic units") corresponds to one real centimeter on a piece of paper.
Tell me what settings to watch and what to edit on the scene.3ds max 2020.

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Make a square of a given size on the render, render with a square, in Photoshop change the resulting image to the desired scale.For example, use the Ruler Tool, guided by the square, the size of which you know.

Generic units - conventional units, if you consider that it is centimeters, and build the scene in accordance with the dimensions in cu, then we can say that it will be in centimeters.

Although in fact, inside the package, 1 Generic unit=1 inch.

You can change the type of units in Customize>Units Setup, but it is unlikely that this will somehow help you with coordinating the size of the render.