Made an order on aliexpress with payment by card.
After payment the card has 9.66 rubles.
After 2 days I noticed that the account has already -140.34 rubles
Exactly 150 rubles were written off.There are no records in the history, no notifications have been received.

Immediately went to Sber.Online, and saw the following picture:

A little googling, I realized that most likely the funds were frozen, and because of the last operations a purchase was made on Aliexpress, I began to assume that the funds were frozen in favor of transportation costs.Standart Shipping through Finland).

Have you encountered similar? What versions can still be(except for fines and utilities)?

P.S: I didn’t write the technical support for the Security Council, because most likely(I think so) they would recommend blocking the card or they would block it right away, but I don’t need this trouble.

If I ask TP, how can I do it more “painlessly”?

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Is there no statement/check on Ali?

Is there no statement in Sberbank?
  • I didn’t find anything like that on Ali;there is no record in Sberov in the full statement – Deep Space Jul 21 '19 at 21:39
  • 3 days w reserve, either in the statement or on a fever – All-Star Jetski Jul 21 '19 at 22:05