Good day.How do web studios survive, with such a high level of competition? Whole crowds of people after posting courses, freelancers working for Doshirak, students, etc.? I'm not talking about some unique projects, but about a mass product in the form of corporate sites, online stores, etc.?
  • Whole crowds of people after post courses, freelancers working for Doshirak, students, etc.?

    Yes, they do not constitute anybody except themselves, in fact, competition.This is the zero level)
    – Angry Aardvark Jul 13 '19 at 19:21

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A studio is a legal entity with whom you can enter into an agreement that does not run away with a prepayment and does not fall under the bus, which you can pay by bank transfer, which you can sue.And so on and so on.the same as between the purchase of an expensive SUV in the cabin and a muddy unfamiliar bloke in headdresses.
Cronyism and a good sales team.
No one in their right mind would give more or less a decent amount to the nouneymu.And they would prefer to work with legal entities.
Natural selection.
The strongest in marketing(most important! The ability to sell yourself).
The strongest in coding.
I remember doing this.In 2008 - 2010 it was cool.Then there were a few customers on support.
The last client left us when he found the company 5 times cheaper.But we were glad, because there were good guys, but they already left this sphere.

There is still a problem, that many designers and templates also have to compete with.
Well, the Internet market has grown 100 times, which means we need a hundred times more studios and artists to work, for the most part there is no one to work)