Essence: you need to write a website with a button like"Send photos".
Photos are recorded in the database, processed, the result of processing is displayed as a text-line, and the site displays this text.
The processing with mathetods is supposed to be rather complicated.

Question: on what to write such a site easier/faster/more rational? Later, it is supposed to expand the functionality.
From the stack: moderately programming on python, weakly on pure C.
Flask - my choice? Are there alternatives? Where to start?
Advise courses(not extensive, do not plan to get far yet) on this topic?
Only the inside is interested, layout is not needed.

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The ideal option is to run something like a service or call from the command line, a layer that works with the web interface in any language with an advanced stack in the direction of the web: puff, python, javascript.
As an option - write everything in Java.
I’m not going to tell you about the bundles, I can’t guess something: C/Python/C ++/JS wrote and ran very complex algorithms - the fastest C/C ++ + partial optimization on Assembler/Python drops completely/JS doesn’t work well for very cumbersome algorithms.Processing should really be done on the server and using something lower level, separating all business logic, and using what to process and receive data from the server will not play a big role - the easiest way is js/node.js/MongoDB, etc., on stacks(I won’t tell you back, I’m frontend-developer now)
You can start with Python.The image processing will most likely be performed by means of libraries in other languages, such as C.In this case, Python performs only the role of a bunch.On Flask, this is quite a good option.
There are many alternatives, but the gain may be insignificant.
Here, most likely, the application architecture itself is more important.If it is assumed that image processing will take more than a second, then it is better to use the queue and perform processing in the background, then notify the web server about the end of work, so that it can, in turn, notify the web client.For example, using Flask-SSE.Something like this.
Maybe to use ready-made engines for the resource?
1.Handlers(with complex matte methods) are microservices.They take photos from the database, process the image and put it back into the database(setting the"flag":"Done").You can write them in any language(C/C ++, Python, etc.).
2.And the web-face itself - on something more familiar, on the same PHP.