Habré often contains articles on reverse engineering of proprietary programs.I’m afraid to write something like that until I clarify some details for myself.

There is an installer of the engineering program, downloaded from the distributor site without making any agreements.Just the installer by reference.

1.With the reverse, we managed to find out how the activation code was generated and, as a result, keygen was created. 2.The program has implemented a code that removes restrictions on some(existing) functions depending on the type of license.
3.Implemented code that improves the functions originally missing from the original.

1.What is the general description of the work done, for example, the general principles of coding(without details, which bits are mixed), how did you manage to find the Private Key, etc.?
2.What is the threat of a free service for the generation of activation codes(for example, through a request in personal messages)?
3.What is the risk of publication of keygen in open access?
4.What is the risk of publishing binaries with improved functionality?

In all cases, no commercial benefit is assumed.Just help the users of the old program, long removed from technical support.
  • Articles on which you can receive accusations describe your actions for which you must be punished.Lack of commercial gain, damage, and even the plaintiff will not relieve you of these articles.If you could find someone to start the investigation. – Combat20 Jul 11 '19 at 00:30
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The law in the Russian Federation is that the tongue, the texts themselves are as vague and uncertain as possible, and precedents are created only by higher courts.

Therefore, it may turn out that they will punish a harmless 1, and it may be that for clearly illegal 3 and 4 they will not do anything.
2-4 fall under the modification and in capable hands threaten with a penalty of at least
2 and 3 is absolutely UK 273
4 may be subject to UK 272
1 with some desire to attract the author - can also fall under UK 272.

The absence of a collective gain does not mean anything.The law does not say - if you do not pursue a benefit, you can violate it :) Intent was - to break the law went consciously(ignorance of the law, as we know, does not absolve from responsibility).
Write at the beginning of the article"The article is provided for informational purposes, use the information at your own risk!" :)
  • 1 In principle, there is no obvious violation, but you must look at the article - there may be nuances.
  • 2 - no problem with the law, you can safely do.
  • 3 you can try to bring under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 273
  • 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 146