Allow a few short questions about the Qiwi system -
1) Can I have several accounts on the kiwi site, under different numbers.Is this not prohibited by the rules?
2) What is the fact that the option"transfer to card" differs from"display card ha"? If I need to withdraw funds to my card, I can use both those and that item, and the result will be the same?
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3) I just registered the wallet by phone number, did not attach a passport to it, etc., is this enough to work with the wallet in amounts up to 30 thousand? Show them and so on?
4) What commission exists when withdrawing money from a kiwi to a savings bank card?

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1.It is possible, regardless of what level of verification is on each
2.Yes, the same thing, for convenience, brought the translation service to the card on the main page
3.Yes, but not for long, depending on the activity on the wallet
4.Commissions of withdrawal are considered at withdrawal, depending on the method of withdrawal, on the card 2% + 50 rubles