Tell me how to configure QoS correctly.We have the following scheme

The problem is the following, if branch 3 starts loading the channel to the main office, then the data from the server is delayed, which is not acceptable.
Everywhere eigrp routing.I understand that on a router in branch 3 you need to do this:
class-map match-all TM
 match access-group 160
 match precedence 4

policy-map TM
 class TM
 priority 2000

policy-map Filial3
 class class-default
 shape average 10,000,000
 service-policy TM

On the interface that looks in the direction of the gross office
interface FastEthernet1/0.100
 description link to General office
 bandwitch 10000
 encapsulation dot1Q 100
 ip address
 service-policy output Filial3

extended IP access list 160
 10 permit ip host any

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In your example, you give a guaranteed speed of 2000 kbps out of 10 MB to your server if the traffic goes from the server to the main office, but you have no effect on the traffic from the main office to the server, that is, if someone is shakes in 10 MB, then you will have problems.Priority will only help you with outgoing traffic.
How do you get online? Do you have your own white mesh? Several dedicated white ip? Or do you have one white ip + nat? Or maybe you have a dedicated line to your branches?
  • NATa is not there.Everywhere has its own optics.That is, should I set up the same thing from the main office? – Tense Teira Mar 26 '18 at 05:29
  • Yes – Comfortable77 Mar 26 '18 at 12:05
  • Only ACL do not forget to change – Comfortable77 Mar 26 '18 at 12:45
  • Thanks I will try.I will unsubscribe by result – Tense Teira Apr 3 '18 at 09:05