Standard way Pickup is added, but the store has several places to pick it up.It would be desirable to specify several addresses with a description and a map to attach.Which one

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First of all you need to go to the WooCommerce settings page, or go directly to the desired section using the link like your site/wp-admin/admin.php? Page=wc-settings&tab=shipping&zone_id=new

After clicking the"Add delivery zone" button you will be taken to this page(see the link above)

It is necessary to fill in the fields:
  • The name of the zone(will be visible during registration)
  • Zones(countries in which will be available for selection)

Next, you need to add the same delivery method(there may be several of them), click on the"Add delivery method" button, and get the following window:

In the drop-down menu, select the type of delivery"Pickup", and click"Add delivery method."

After that, you will return to the previous window and you can click the"Save Changes" button.
  • This was done earlier.But I want two addresses for this type of delivery, i.e.two delivery options with self-delivery to enter. – Mickey's64 Jun 27 '19 at 23:40