Good day, dear users.
I need help.I created an internal closed news portal for my company's employees on the DLE 13 engine.I mean this, periodically I add news for employees, they have to read the news and leave a comment, but since there is a lot of news, some employees skip one news.What is my question.Is there a module/hack for mandatory commenting on news?
For example: an employee logs in with his account, and he displays a list of news he hasn’t yet commented on.
Is it possible to do this?

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The module of such a vryatli exists, do you need a person to leave comments exactly or just read the news and confirmed it? then maybe it is easier through the checkbox to implement under the news, but with an additional module.And then it is possible in some block to deduce that the user was watching what was not.

how do i see it
under the news checkbox with sending to an additional database in which the id of the record, the id of the user, the id of the news that he confirmed that he looked
  • Probably the user needs to leave a comment...
    Can PHP do this?
    Just on the main page will be entered the text"You are not familiar with such and such news" ID"news"
    – Looney4 Jun 6 '19 at 07:37
  • [[ArtyGTX]], Yes, although it is possible and so, but in any case, the user can simply close the tab(browser) in the database of comments there are already user_id and post_id – Rock 'n' Jun 6 '19 at 08:40