There are customers in the US, I get dollars on a corporate account in PayPal/or through the payment gateway 2checkout.
PayPal itself doesn’t need a cash desk.
In the tax do not know what PayPal.

If you buy a cashier and integrate it with PayPal, it turns out as many as 6 layers between me and the buyer, and it’s easier to turn it in the USA.There I would pay 4-5% of taxes and that's it.
  • bank account, why cash? – Gleaming Guanaco Mar 21 '19 at 22:28
  • Gleaming Guanaco, yes, but payments are accepted from residents of the United States, respectively, the original source is PayPal/2CheckOut.then they think.And they do not think with their heads, but with curved software that they have there. – Hidden10 Mar 21 '19 at 23:31

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if you have an un or ltd in the Russian Federation, the cash desk is needed if you sell to natural persons regardless of the method of payment and their location, even if they paid to your bank account.

If you are paid only by bank transfer to your bank account - cash is not needed.

There are exceptions when your agent/reseller accepts payments for you(for example, under an agency agreement with you), and then transfers money to your current account - then you do not need a cash desk.The obligation to break through the check becomes the agent’s responsibility if then its Russian laws do not apply.

The answer of PayPal itself - cash is not needed.

What question did you ask them?

If you buy a cashier and integrate it with PayPal, you get as many as 6 layers between me and the buyer

If your sales are a little easier to buy a regular cash desk(about 18,000 rubles including FN and CRF for 3 years) and punch checks manually(if paid at night/during off-hours you can do it the next business day), and the check will go to the email/phone of the buyer with the help of OFD.

and it is easier to crank it in the USA.There I would pay 4-5% of taxes and all

To pay taxes in the United States you need to be a tax resident there.To be a resident there you either need to stay there for more than 6 months a year or open a company there.

If you open a foreign company, remaining a tax resident of the Russian Federation: you are subject to the law on the CFC - you must notify the tax office about this and annually report on operations.

And when you transfer the income to yourself as an employee of your company or dividends, being still a tax resident of the Russian Federation, you will need to pay 13% of personal income tax in the Russian Federation.You can try to wrap it on the PI and pay 6% of the unified tax system.