How to leave the SIM card at home and receive calls using the following algorithm: SIM>Ethernet>Smartphone?

In theory, I thought to buy a cheap Android smartphone and redirect any call to a mobile application on iOS(I thought even about a bot for Telegram).

But how difficult is it to implement it all? Are there ready solutions?

P.S.The operator has no opportunity to make call forwarding.And I need an external solution, such as a mobile application.

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Asterisk with a modem, if you like to shoot a gun on the sparrows.
And so the redirection can be configured on any phone, as long as the operator supports.
The SIM card does not take part in the reception of calls, it only serves to identify the client device in the telephone network, so your scheme from the question does not make sense(and, especially,"Ethernet" in it).

You can, for example, set up call forwarding from a mobile number to a number that is associated with Skype or SIP.For this, you do not even need an included phone with the original SIM card - this is done by the operator.
  • Corrected a question.

    The operator has no opportunity to do the redirection.And I need an external solution, such as a mobile application.
    – Claustrophobic83 Jun 7 '19 at 01:00
  • [[zettend]] which operator? – Tender Tortoise Jun 7 '19 at 02:31
  • [[Moskus]], Tinkoff Mobile.There is no opportunity to switch to another. – Claustrophobic83 Jun 9 '19 at 18:08
  • [[zettend]], try ussd:
    ** 21 * number #- for installation,
    * #21 #- to check if the command passed,
    ##21 #- to cancel.
    Some"operators" themselves do not know what is working for them and what is not
    – Tender Tortoise Jun 9 '19 at 21:24
  1. Leave, for example, to MTS with a phone number
  2. We use MTS-connection for calls
GSM gateway you need + Asterisk
Home computer server(was Raspberry Pi).It includes Huawei E161.
Asterisk works with the chan_dongle module.
Asterisk accepts the call and redirects it to another mobile number + in parallel, a SIP account is called.If the softphone on iOS is running - the call is accepted there. In the case of an incoming call, the caller's number is sent to the telegram bot first.