The situation is this: you need to backup the folder regularly and sometimes restore it.I do this: tar - create - listed-incremental=snapshot_file - file"a.1.tar"/dir
archivists are obtained:
a.0.tar(full archive)
a.1.tar(archive with changes), etc.
Everything is well created until the folder is recovered from the archives.After this, the next backup does not create an incremental backup with changes to existing ones, but a full backup of the entire folder(which makes no sense, since the same data is in previous archives ).In this regard, the idea arose after recovery to form a snapshot_file of the restored folder, so that the tar in the next backup has already saved the changes relative to it.Is this possible?
Or maybe there are other options to do after restoring the folder backup changes, and not backup the whole thing?
  • It looks like tar does not restore ctime and mtime for is based on them that you get snapshots.
    in dos/windows, files have a archive flag, which is set if it is archived and reset when changed.

    why tar? other archivers can do much more
    – Clever Caribou May 26 '19 at 09:53

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and what team do you restore backup?
-p option using?
Here is this:
tar --extract --ignore-failed-read --preserve-permissions --listed-incremental=/dev/null --recursion --absolute-names --file"a.0.tar"
if I understand correctly, then -p=- preserve-permissions