Suppose there are 3 types of goods and attributes necessary for it:
1) hammers(attributes: dimensions, weight, wooden handle(yes), for installation work(yes)...);
2) irons(weight, power, steam(yes), non-stick coating(no), wire length...);
3) sofas(size, foldable(yes), leather(no)...).

When buying does not imply the choice of product modification, that is, each product is a completely separate product.But the criteria for filtering products in categories are necessary.

Actually the question of how to organize a store: 1) use one type of product(article number, name, price) and different types of product presentation materials with a corresponding set of fields;2) three types of product with its own set of fields and one presentation of material for all types of products? br>

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The second option is more universal - in the future you will not have to change the site settings when adding product types.