At the core of the network is MikroTik CCR1036-12G-4S, a bridge has been created on it, on which several VLANs are terminated(100, 200, etc.), an Internet provider is connected to Ether1(100 Mbit/s).There is a task to prioritize different types of traffic(DNS, HTTPS, ICMP, etc.) equally for all VLANs, and each VLAN must have its own CIR/MIR QoS parameters(limit-at/max-limit).I tried to do this:

 - in mangle/prerouting I label connections by type of traffic
 - I specify connection marker in mangle/forward, In Interface - ether1, Out Interface - desired VLAN(for upload, on the contrary, respectively), hang the marker on the packet(unique for each VLAN)
 - in Queue Trees I do global IN/OUT queues with max-limit=95 Mbps
 - in the same place, I create child queues for IN/OUT, in each of which I specify packet markers, created in mangle/forward +, I set priorities and a limit.

As a result, a rather cumbersome construction is obtained in Queue Trees, since there are a lot of VLANs, + everything becomes very inconvenient to calculate CIR.
Is it possible to solve in another way? For example, in Queue Trees only to prioritize traffic, and in Simple Queues already to make limits for VLANs?

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We have about 20 vlan, but we use just simple queue.The guaranteed speed is the same for all, about 3Mb/s, the maximum depends on vlan.The people are trained not to litter the channels, all sign the paper when they get to work.So in our case there is enough channel.Even if all of us urgently needed to extricate something urgent and important from the branches, then each department will receive its guaranteed 3 megabits, or at most, if no one is downloading anything.
We were thinking about switching to Queue Tree, but so far there are enough opportunities for simple queues.
Something like this.