Hello, tell me how to cut the outgoing bandwidth to 7604?
I guess that through the policy-map, however, I can not figure out what parameters to use.
  • trim the outgoing lane

    this can only be used for outgoing traffic

    Either you have already found solutions, or a typo :)
    – Envious Eland Sep 18 '18 at 15:04
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1.create a class-map, you can use class-default if you cut all traffic.
2.create a Policy Map and bind to it the created class-map or class-default, then you have to decide what you cut the police or shape, how they differ in Google.
3.you hang up the created policy on the interface.
config like this:
Router(config) #Policy Map 45MB
Class class-default
police cir 45000000
conform-action transmit
 exceed-action drop

Router(config) #interface GigabitEthernet0/0
Router(config-if) #service-policy output 45MB
In general, the following decision is acceptable for 7604:

class-map 111
match access-group name 111

policy-map PMAP
  class 111
    shape average 10000

ip access-list extended 111
permit ip any any