Please tell me how to create a kind of such parental control.For example, you need to block the file name.exe from 00:00 to 23:00.Standard means of Windows 7, you can block the entire profile for a certain time.I would like a more flexible setting.

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Run icacls in Task Scheduler.
You need to create a text file with the bat extension.And add there a line with the team adapted for you(account name of the record, and the path to the file).
icacls"C: Test"/grant: r Nizaury: RX/T
where permissions:
F - full access
M - access to change
RX - read and execute access
R - read only access
W - write access only
D - access to delete

To remove access, use deny instead of grant.
Next, you need to add this file to the task scheduler, with the schedule you need.Remember that if another user of which you want to restrict the privileges of the Administrator, he will be able to cancel the task or designate himself as the owner of the file.