Hello everyone!

There is a websitewhere if is mobile(simulated in the Chrome browser) or resolution in width<=480px a bug appears - when you return"Back" the page opens without styles.The page itself is loaded from the cache(200 OK from disk cache).

To play:
1) Open Chrome in mobile mode(width<=480px)
2) Go to the home.
3) Follow any link to any category.
4) Press the button back in the browser.
5) We get a page without styles.

The question is, what could be the problem and how to fix?

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The problem is that you have an empty header.
I suppose that the heder with styles is written through one of your js.
That is the problem.
  • There is not only the header is not loaded. In fact, the home template itself is loaded for the main one, i.e. without header, footer, etc .. Why is this happening? And why exactly at the resolution of <=480px? – Sleepy48 Jun 13 '17 at 11:15